Develop effective solutions to pain management as a certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist (TPS).

It’s time to help your patients take back their power around pain.


Since 1999 the rate of opioid overdose deaths has tripled. Yet people are still struggling from persistent pain.

It’s time for those physical therapists who have what it takes to take the lead. We’ll give you the research, the practical application, and the designation.

All you have to do is apply.

Get certified from the ONLY comprehensive pain certification program in the USA.

You'll learn to:

  • Start implementing evidence-based solutions into your practice from Day One
  • Provide new optimism for clients, even those who gave up hope years ago
  • Provide more effective outcomes by going beyond ortho into neuroscience and education
  • Leverage business best practices to differentiate yourself as a specialist and get referrals from peers
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Sept. 3, 2018

Hurry! Registration ends August 1, 2018

Why Should I Get Certified?

For your practice:

  • Develop a reputation as someone who gets results, even when other paths have failed
  • Become a category authority so that patients and employers seek you out specifically
  • Start implementing immediately, at your own pace, with virtual coursework
  • Connect with a network of like-minded peers to brainstorm and problem-solve with

For your patients:

  • Cut through the fear associated with pain and build trust instead
  • Reduce prescriptions by learning to trigger the body’s natural analgesic power
  • Trigger those “lightbulb” moments of excitement and glee
  • Create change that actually lasts, for months and years to come

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Program Overview

We know it can be tough to take time away from your family and your practice to study. That’s why our program is 80% convenient online modules, with two weekend intensives to help you connect and implement live.

Here’s what the program looks like:

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

In this online faculty-directed course you’ll learn about the therapeutic effects of teaching people about pain, and how to get started without igniting a potentially sensitive topic.

A Study of Neurodynamics

In this course you’ll learn the latest evidence and application of neurodynamics—that is, an alternative to manual therapy based on the physical movement of nerves.

Too Hot to Handle

This course teaches you about treating patients with hypersensitization, including effective treatment and returning them to normal function.

Everything Hurts

This course is all about treating patients with widespread, diffuse, and non-specific pain—including conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Lyme disease.

Perioperative TNE

Here you’ll learn about lumbar surgery, knee replacements, and the neuroscience around surgery, which can create incredibly superior pre- and post-op experiences for patients.

The Business of Chronic Pain

This course combines two worlds—pain science and business. You’ll learn all about how to implement pain sciences in your practice, billing documentation, and more!

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Weekend Intensives

November 10-11 & December 1-2, 2018 - San Antonio, TX

These two weekend intensives are spaced throughout the program to help you cement core concepts, have meaningful discussions with peers in your field, and learn real-time practical application.

What’s My Investment?

Yes, your investment gets you certification as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist. But you also get...

  • Connections with an exclusive network of experts, specialists, and peers
  • Two weekends of in-person intensive training
  • Access to online modules, distance learning, and work-at-your-own-pace material

TPS Course + Certification

  • application deadline is August 1

Act now or forever hold your peace.

This course will save you months or even years of independent learning—would you rather go at it alone, frustrated and confused about how to treat those patients with stubborn pain problems?

Or will you let us give you all the resources you need to not only create change for your patients, but also stand out from the crowd as a specialist in your field?

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Featured Instructors


Dr. Adriaan Louw PT, PhD, CSMT

TPS Program Director

The co-founder and CEO of ISPI, Adriaan Louw has been teaching spinal manual therapy and pain science classes throughout the US and internationally for over 15 years. He has presented at numerous national and international conferences and has authored and co-authored articles, books and book chapters related to spinal disorders and pain science. He is a guest lecturer/adjunct faculty at Rockhurst University, St. Ambrose University, Stellenbosch University and the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

Dr. Stephen B Goldrick, PT, DPT, TPS, OCS, CSCS

A graduate of the TPS program himself, Steve has seen his practice explode in the past few years since he started taking a PNE approach to persistent pain treatment. Steve is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), and a Certified Worker’s Compensation Healthcare Provider (CWcHP). He has also spoken at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Free Printable Diagrams

7 Exercises for Persistent Lower Back Pain

Download these printable exercises to help your patients find relief, so you can help them live happier, more pain-free lives—and fight back against the opioid crisis that’s decimating America.

Next Cohort Begins

Sept. 3, 2018

Hurry! Registration ends August 1, 2018